BMWK: Joint industrial research


To strengthen the innovative capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector of the skilled trades and thereby maintain their competitiveness, disseminate the results of IGF in the business…

BMWK: Technology Transfer Lightweight Construction

Announcement for the promotion of research, development and innovation within the framework of the technology transfer program
Lightweight construction (TTP LB)

Subject of the call
Funding is to be provided for cross-industry, cross-technology and cross-material technology transfer projects in lightweight construction.


Guideline for the promotion of technology and knowledge transfer through patents, standardization and standardization for the economic exploitation of innovative ideas from universities and companies “WIPANO – Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards”.

KMU-innovativ: Medical technology

Guideline for the promotion of grants for “KMU-innovativ: Medizintechnik” (Innovative SMEs: Medical Technology)
Subject of the promotion
Funding is provided for high-risk industrial research and pre-competitive development projects with a strong connection to healthcare and applications in the form of individual company projects (individual projects) or cooperation projects between companies, research institutions and clinical partners (collaborative projects) to develop new products and processes for healthcare.

KMU-innovativ: Production research

Guideline for the funding of projects in the “KMU-innovativ: Produktionsforschung” program
Subject of the funding programme
The object of the funding is high-risk pre-competitive industrial R&D projects that are cross-technological and application-oriented. These R&D projects must be attributable to the “Future of Value Creation” program and must be of significance for the company’s positioning in the market.