Competence Network Industrial Plasma Surface Technology e. V. INPLAS

Products from all industries are often manufactured with the help of plasma surface technology. In this process, plasma, often referred to as the “fourth” state of matter, is used as a tool to provide surfaces of components of these products with the chemical and physical properties required for their application. However, the potential of plasma surface technology is far from being exhausted and many potential users in industry are hardly aware of it.

The Competence Network Industrial Plasma Surface Technology INPLAS is an association of players from industry and research with the aim of promoting the application and further development of industrial plasma surface technology. INPLAS sees itself as a spokesperson for the plasma technology in politics, the public, industry and research.

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Plasma surface technology is used in many different applications. Many products would not even exist without plasma technology. For example, thermal insulation coatings on architectural glass help save energy and comply with energy regulations. The inner coating of PET bottles prevents the carbonation of beverages from being lost through their thin plastic wall.


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