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Further training offer In the field of green hydrogen technology

Next dates:

Basic module:

13 – 30 March 2023

Online Certificate Course:

March 6 – 23, 2023

Attendance Certificate Course:

12. until June 30, 2023

The hydrogen economy needs many new skills to meet the challenges of the transformation process. These processes must be initiated today and require the targeted further training of employees in companies.” (Viktor Deleski, Education Manager at the Fraunhofer Academy).

In our advanced training program – with optional personal certification from TÜV Rheinland – you will learn about the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy. You’ll learn why hydrogen is a key element in a carbon-neutral economy, what factors you should consider when converting to hydrogen, and what it all means for your business. You can put together our modules to suit your needs exactly.

Procedure and special features:

In the online phase, you have the opportunity to learn the basics of the hydrogen economy in a self-determined and self-directed manner with the help of extensive e-learning with quizzes, graphics, practical examples, videos and podcasts. This learning process is supported by live online meetings that introduce the topics and provide space for questions and discussions. We will then share the latest research knowledge with you and demonstrate on site how hydrogen is already being used in companies.
We will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas with researchers and users from industry on the energy cycle and factory transformation.

For more information please contact our INPLAS member Fraunhofer IST:

Doris Jandel

Have you ever thought of training physics lab technicians?

The training as a physics laboratory technician is well-founded, wide-ranging and extremely versatile! Physics laboratory technicians can be employed in countless fields. They play a key role in the implementation of technical processes, work in production, quality control or research, among other areas, and contribute to the development of new technologies and innovative materials.

Have we aroused your interest?

We would like to introduce you to the apprenticeship profession and offer opportunities that will make it much easier for you to hire an apprentice/trainee:

The Fraunhofer IST, the PTB and the TU Braunschweig are offering their support. All three training companies cooperate with each other and thus create a basis that also shows companies that have doubts about the feasibility of carrying out training opportunities.

For further information please contact the trainer of the Fraunhofer IST

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Pleger

Q-Plas is e-learning
Mobile learning made easy.

Q-Plas – the advanced training platform for plasma technology, focuses on a variety of key areas from the field of plasma surface technology and is aimed in particular at skilled workers, technicians, engineers and scientists.

For more information, please visit:

Ab nach Frankreich…

Ihr interessiert Euch im Rahmen Eures Maschinenbau-Studiums für einen Auslandsaufenthalt in Frankreich? Kein Problem!

Mit unserem französischen Partner-Netzwerk ViaMéca in Saint-Étienne – am Zentralmassiv, ganz in der Nähe von Lyon – habt Ihr die Möglichkeit, Euer Studium um einen Auslandsaufenthalt in Frankreich zu erweitern.
Auslandsaufenthalt in Frankreich? Kein Problem!

Ihr könnt dort an der Hochschule ENISE, der École Nationale d’Ingenieurs de Saint-Étienne, Vorlesungen und Veranstaltungen besuchen und Praktika durchführen. Zudem habt Ihr mit ViaMéca vor Ort einen kompetenten Ansprechpartner mit vielen Kontakten zur Industrie.

Bei der Organisation Eurer Reise und auch während Eures Aufenthaltes stehen wir, die Mitarbeiter im Kompetenznetz INPLAS, Euch gerne zur Seite. Euer Auslandsaufenthalt kann z. B. über das Erasmus-Programm oder den DAAD gefördert werden. Hierbei helfen wir Euch gerne.

Falls Ihr mehr erfahren möchtet zum Thema, wendet Euch bitte per E-Mail oder Telefon direkt an uns. Wir freuen uns auf Eure Nachrichten!

Foto Brücke Saint Ètienne
Im Département Haute-Loire südlich von Saint-Étienne
Foto Vortrag Weiterbildung Summer School Saint Ètienne
Summer School 2009 an der ENISE
Foto Brunnen Saint Ètienne
Im Herzen von Saint-Étienne

Content and learning objectives

The INPLAS seminar advanced training offer is a modular offer – a combination of theory and practical training – and offers you a comprehensive insight into the topic of sputter technology. You will be shown how to significantly increase the performance of your surfaces and materials by using this technique.

The entire manufacturing chain is represented.

THEORIEMODULE: Fundamentals of Teaching

In technical presentations you will learn interesting facts about sputtering technology, new trends in coating deposition, industrial implementations, process simulation as well as analytics, quality assurance and test methods for coating evaluation.

PRACTICE MODULE: From theory to independent application

In the practical part, you will have the opportunity to coat on the equipment yourself and test your coated parts. You will experience the entire manufacturing chain and learn details about the interdependencies of the individual process steps.

Target group

The seminar addresses all learners from technicians, engineers to scientific staff from the optical industry, mechanical and automotive engineering, tooling industry, suppliers of all kinds as well as coaters who want to acquire both theoretical knowledge and/or practical skills on sputtering technology and quality assurance.

What awaits you?

Example: Seminar Sputtering Technology

  • Fundamentals of sputtering technology, magnetron sputtering, tribological coating for tools and components, examples of industrial coating systems, HIPIMS, sputtering technology for optical coatings, simulation of plasma processes, industrial applications of magnetron sputtering, analysis of test methods of sputter coatings.
  • Course A: Tribological applications and quality assurance 
  • Course B: Optical applications and quality assurance
  • Course C: Hollow cathode sputtering processes

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