BMBF: Funding of junior research groups from the natural sciences, information technology and engineering sciences


  • Securing global food supplies, a sustainable supply of raw materials and energy, protecting the climate and the environment, and preserving biodiversity
  • Sustainable development
  • Bioeconomic innovations that combine biological knowledge and new advanced technologies
  • To identify novel fields of application and innovative uses for bioeconomy with the help of young scientists.
  • Training and qualification of young researchers in the field of bioeconomy is aimed at

Subject of the promotion

  • Catalyze the transformation to a bioeconomy by pioneering new achievements in know-how, processes, technology or software
  • Developing innovations and pioneering research approaches on the path to transformation from a petroleum-based to a bio-based economy.
  • Development of innovative bio-based products for the bioeconomy
  • Efficient use of biomass for energy or material purposes, taking into account the challenges of preserving ecosystem services and food security
  • Improvement of one link or several links in a value chain, in particular with regard to the sustainability aspects
  • Development of new tools and methods for the identification of adjusting screws for the realization of a sustainable bioeconomy in terms of climate protection
  • Development of cycle-supporting models and approaches for a bio-based circular economy.

Period of validity

  • Term expires on June 30, 2024

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