KMU-innovativ: Resource efficiency and climate protection

Guideline for the funding measure "SME-innovative: Resource Efficiency and Climate Protection" within the framework of the program "Research for Sustainable Development (FONA3)

Federal Gazette from 09.12.2015


Subject of the funding programme

The object of funding is high-risk industrial research and pre-competitive development projects that are cross-technological and application-oriented. These R&D1 projects must be attributable to the “Research for Sustainable Development (FONA³)” framework program and be of significance for the company’s positioning in the market. The main objective of BMBF funding is to strengthen the position of SMEs in the accelerated transfer of technology from the pre-competitive field to practical application.

Funding is provided for R&D projects in the following areas, each with exemplary questions:

  • Raw material efficiency
  • Energy efficiency and climate protection
  • Sustainable water management
  • Sustainable land management

More information

In the first stage of the procedure, assessable project outlines should be submitted electronically to the commissioned project management organization via the KMU Innovativ Internet portal. In the case of collaborative projects, the project outline agreed among the partners must be submitted by the intended collaborative coordinator.

Evaluation deadlines for project outlines are April 15 and October 15.

Further information can be found at:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research