KMU-innovativ: Production research

Guideline for the funding of projects in the "KMU-innovativ: Produktionsforschung" program

Federal Gazette 09.09.2021

Subject of the funding programme

The object of the funding is high-risk pre-competitive industrial R&D projects that are cross-technological and application-oriented. These R&D projects must be attributable to the “Future of Value Creation” program and must be of significance for the company’s positioning in the market.

Funding is provided for R&D projects in the field of production research whose solutions are geared to the application fields or sectors of mechanical and plant engineering, vehicle construction, electrical and information technology, medical, measurement and control technology, optics or other areas of manufacturing.

The following topics or issues can be addressed:

  • New and improved products, machinery and equipment for industrial production
  • Tools of product creation
  • Integrated product and production system development
  • New manufacturing technologies and process chains
  • Improvement of product and process quality
  • Making production more flexible
  • More efficient use of raw materials and energy in production technologies and equipment
  • Digitalization and virtualization of production and production systems (Industry 4.0)
  • Organization and industrialization of production-related services
  • Product-related services and service systems
  • Production strategies and corporate organization in the value network
  • Knowledge management and organization for production
  • Increasing the competencies and qualifications of employees
  • Know-how protection in dynamic markets


In the first stage of the procedure, project outlines in German can be submitted online in digital form at any time to the commissioned BMBF project management organization via the online outline tool for the “KMU-innovativ: Produktionsforschung” funding measure on the Internet portal. The information needed to participate in the announcement is available there. Valuation dates are every six months, on April 15 and October 15.

The submission deadline is not considered a cut-off period. However, project outlines received late may not be considered by the specified deadlines.

Further information can be found under the following link: Announcement – BMBF