KMU-innovativ: Interactive technologies for health and quality of life

Guideline for funding projects on the topic of “SME-innovative: Interactive technologies for health and quality of life”.

Federal Gazette from 28.01.2021

Subject of the funding

The object of funding is high-risk industrial research and pre-competitive development projects that are cross-technological and application-oriented. Funding is provided for projects from the broad range of topics covered by the research program “Together through Innovation: Research Program Interactive Technologies for Health and Quality of Life”(

  • Digitally assisted health and care
  • Liveable spaces: smart, sustainable and innovative


This Funding Guideline shall enter into force upon its publication in the Federal Gazette. The term of this funding guideline is limited until the expiry of its legal basis, the GBER, plus an adjustment period of six months, i.e. until June 30, 2024.

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