With the research focus (FSP) “Laser and Plasma Technology” at the Faculty of Engineering and Health at the Göttingen location, which is designated in the research map of the German Rectors’ Conference, HAWK has been making valuable contributions to the development of innovations for industry and society since 1995. The development and production of prototypes for new plasma sources and handheld devices in particular has earned the company a leading R&D position in Germany.


Since 2017, this FSP has been one of only ten FH-Impuls partnerships in Germany funded by the BMBF. Within the framework of this partnership called “Plasma for Life”, the potentials of laser and plasma technology in the specialist areas of surface technology, material processing, radiation sources, fluid processing, and plasma medicine are bundled for process and product innovations with the cooperating companies, research institutions, specialist networks, and administrative units, and made usable through transfer and implementation-oriented research, primarily in the region of Southern Lower Saxony/Northern Hesse.

Worth knowing

The approx. 50-strong team of scientists and engineers focuses on forward-looking, application- and demand-oriented research and development projects, primarily in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma technology, and in general on the life sciences – and here especially for the upstream and supply sectors of the healthcare industry.

In cooperation with div. universities, a disproportionately large number of doctorates are supervised.

With regard to the topic “young talent of the future”, companies can also transfer their R&D&I topics via final theses, third-party funded R&D&I projects or feasibility studies to young forces via the partnership and thus benefit from current ideas and early contact establishment – in this way, the companies get to know the graduates well as potential employees.