EU Project SafeWaterAfrica Self-sustaining purification technology for safe water supply and management in rural Africa This project focuses on a major challenge in African countries: In the 15 sub-Saharan African countries, 108 million people have limited or no access to clean water. The SafeWaterAfrica project is researching and developing an autonomous and decentralized water treatment […]


A project of the INPLAS-AG “Tool Coatings” ÖkoClean – Ecological and functionally optimized pretreatment chain for plasma coating of complex shaped cutting tools Depending on the size of the plant, the production of coated tools generates several tons of environmentally harmful waste per year. The work in this project was aimed at creating a cleaning […]


Start of the EU project “FAST” Functionally Graded Additive Manufacturing Scaffolds by Hybrid ManufacturingHighly customized and affordable implants by a new hybrid 3D printing technology Eight European companies and research institutes have teamed up in the EU-funded research and innovation project “FAST“, which stands for “Functionally graded Additive Manufacturing (AM) scaffolds by hybrid manufacturing”, to […]


Interdisciplinary cooperation of SMAB and INPLAS The cluster “Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau Sachsen-Anhalt (SMAB)” and the competence network INPLAS cooperate interdisciplinary in the development of new products and assemblies of industrial valves using new active principles and technologies. The project is funded by cluster cooperation of companies within the initiative “go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!” of the BMWi. […]


Process and product optimization in the textile industry using plasma treatment at atmospheric pressure Joint project of several INPLAS members In the BMBF-funded project with the acronym μPlasTex (funding codes 13N9273 to 13N9277), the foundations for the successful transfer of atmospheric pressure plasma processes to the textile industry were laid in a subproject. In the […]


IP4Plasma The IP4Plasma project aims to bridge the gap between IPR protected laboratory-scale innovations in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (AP-PA-CVD) technology and its industrial implementation for advanced surface treatment and nano-scale coating of materials. This will be done by demonstrating the suitability of the technology for existing and new […]

AiF Project PROZI

AiF Project PROZI Process optimization of innovative CVD-SiC diamond-coated cutting tools based on improved analysis methods. Partner Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management, TU Berlin Fraunhofer IST Retotec oHG BAQ Ltd. Invent GmbH Huber GmbH CemeCon AG Boehlerit GmbH & Co KG, Austria Röchling KG Gühring oHG The project was initiated via the “Tool […]

Lower Saxony Plasma Technology Innovation Network – NIP

Lower Saxony Plasma Technology Innovation Network – NIP The “Niedersächsischer Innovationsverbund Plasmatechnik – NIP” is an information and research network funded by the European Union, in which the new possibilities of plasma surface technology and its industrial benefits are presented to small and medium-sized enterprises. In joint work, the innovations are to be adapted to […]