Guideline for the promotion of technology and knowledge transfer through patents, standardization and standardization for the economic exploitation of innovative ideas from universities and companies "WIPANO - Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards".

Federal Gazette from 17.01.2020

Excerpt from the website of the project management organization Jülich (21.04.2020):

In a globalized economy, the market success of companies also depends on how quickly innovations are commercially exploited. The results of research and development form the basis for new products, processes and services. The “WIPANO” program (Knowledge and Technology Transfer through Patents and Standards) not only provides funding for the emergence of innovations, but also their rapid diffusion into the market. On the one hand, efficient protection and use of intellectual property supports the economic exploitation of innovative ideas and inventions from public research and the use of the creative potential of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On the other hand, the transfer of the latest research results into norms and standards is funded.

Furthermore, SMEs and small and medium-sized enterprises are supported for participation in standardization committees or in national and international committees.

WIPANO comprises five funding priorities:

  • Public research – exploitation funding
  • Public research – further development of inventions
  • Company – Patenting
  • Knowledge transfer through normalization and standardization
  • Enterprise – Standardization

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Deadline for submission is 30.06.2023.

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