W & L Coating Systems GmbH

W & L Coating Systems GmbH offers customized solutions in the field of magnetron sputtering and plasma chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), either as components or complete solutions. The portfolio is completed by improvements and conversions of existing systems.


“Our extensive know-how in vacuum coating enables us to offer solutions for a wide range of surface functionalizations at low cost. If our own expertise is not sufficient, we can also draw on external expertise if necessary thanks to our good networking.”

Shift analysis / QA

“In addition to cost-effectiveness, ensuring properties is essential for thin film deposition. We have necessary analytical methods to assess the quality of thin films and possible causes in case of failure.”


“We also provide our many years of experience as consulting services. Whether it’s a matter of profitability considerations or technological improvements, productivity increases or failure analyses on vacuum coating systems, our specialists can (almost) always help.”