TU Darmstadt, MPA-IfW

The Center for Engineering Materials, consisting of the State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt (MPA) and the Department and Institute of Materials Science (IfW) of the Technical University Darmstadt, forms a high-performance technical-scientific unit in research, teaching, development, testing and consulting as an independent center for the entire field of materials technology in mechanical and plant engineering as well as traffic engineering, medical technology and the construction industry.

The center employs approximately 160 people from various disciplines and is located in Darmstadt.

Main focus

The Center for Design Tools is engaged in seven areas of competence with the main activities of research, development and teaching, especially in the fields of:

  • Material, component, product development and investigation, also at high temperatures
  • Material and product qualification,
  • Materials analytics,
  • Surface and coating technology,
  • Test method,
  • Lifetime Analysis,
  • Damage Analysis
  • Measurement and calibration technology and
  • Certification

In the areas where confirmation of competence is required, the Center for Engineering Materials has extensive recognition and accreditation.

The close professional and organizational integration of the areas of competence guarantees the efficient use of personnel competencies and equipment as well as an optimal technical-scientific exchange of information. This also ensures that the necessary expertise can be bundled in an optimum way for research and development, damage analysis and advice on remedial measures, and made available for services.