Softal Corona & Plasma Ltd.

SOFTAL designs and builds machines for atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of surfaces. Intensive consulting by experts and comprehensive simulations in the Hamburg technical center with customer-specific material and mold samples ensure process and production reliability during commissioning and use of the systems.


In 1959, the company started in Hamburg; the first patent for the pretreatment of aluminum gave Softal its name. Since then, with three locations worldwide, standards in corona and plasma technology have been set time and again. More than 10% of the highly qualified employees continuously research and develop new technologies.

Worth knowing

The electrical surface treatment of papers, plastics, metals and fabrics ensures optimum adhesion of paints, varnishes, coatings and adhesives. “Our know-how is based on decades of experience and intensive research.” Current research is concerned with the deposition of plasma polymers on web-like materials.