Interpane is a European group of companies engaged in the production and finishing of flat glass.

The main plant is located in Lauenförde/Weserbergland. Today, the Interpane Group consists of eleven manufacturing plants at ten locations in Germany, Austria and France.

Worth knowing

In addition to float glass manufactured in Seingbouse, France, the product range includes high-quality coated thermal insulation glass, soundproofing and solar control insulating glass, safety glass, and all-glass doors and systems.

The coating processes and thus essential product properties are realized by plasma-based sputter deposition processes. The associated continuous coating lines, which are approx. 100 m long and 4 m wide, will be completely designed, conceived and commissioned by Interpane Entwicklungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft. E&B” in Lauenförde is the Group’s research and development center and is also available to external market partners to clarify application technology challenges.