On the recommendation of the Science Council of the Federal Republic of Germany, INP continues the tradition of the “Central Institute for Electron Physics” (ZIE) of the Academy of Sciences. INP Greifswald researches low-temperature plasmas for technical applications. The aim is, on the one hand, preliminary technological research and, on the other hand, the optimization of established plasma processes and plasma products as well as research into new plasma applications.


The INP Greifswald was founded on 01.01.1992 and is located in Greifswald. Organized as a non-profit association, INP currently employs about 170 people, making it the largest non-university institution in this particular field of research in Europe. One company each was spun off from INP in 2005 and 2006.

Worth knowing

Currently, the focus is on biomedical engineering, micro- and nanotechnology, environmental engineering, special plasma sources, modeling and diagnostics. In addition to 3700 m² of main floor space, INP has 26 laboratories, a classified clean room, and a microbiology laboratory for interdisciplinary research.