House of Plasma GmbH

House of Plasma GmbH develops sensor concepts in the sense of Industry 4.0. The digitization of processes in particular offers enormous economic leverage. This requires new sources, sensor technology and the necessary software for data processing and process optimization. In addition to AI applications, failure monitoring, process condition monitoring, maintenance time optimization, etc. are also possible.

The services of House of Plasma offer e.g. offers the innovative measuring technology “Multipole Resonance Probe” (MRP) for monitoring and controlling plasma-supported low-pressure processes with additional services. With the help of MRP, internal, direct and thus product-critical plasma variables are stably recorded in real time during the process, such as the coating of ophthalmic lenses or the processing of semiconductors. By measuring and controlling critical direct plasma parameters during the process, product performance can be improved, process times optimized, and downtime and resource usage minimized. This is made possible by House of Plasma with the MRP in four embodiments and the associated software, as well as the plasma process consulting, measurement, controller design and maintenance services offered.

However, the expertise is not limited to MRP, but applies in general to plasma diagnostics and low pressure plasma processes – especially in plasma-surface interaction for example for coatings and etching processes. House of Plasma is also active in retrofitting.

Electronics related to plasma processes and data processing are also created and developed – for example, for processing different trigger signals, for high-frequency technology and more.

In addition, House of Plasma offers a Langmuir probe for purchase or measurement campaigns.