Fraunhofer FEP

The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions, technologies and processes for the finishing of surfaces and for organic electronics.The aim of Fraunhofer FEP’s work is to tap the innovation potential of electron beam and plasma technology for production processes and plant engineering and to make it available to customers. Research and development activities are characterized by close proximity to industry and customer orientation. Fraunhofer FEP focuses on the development of innovative technologies as well as their cost efficiency in production.


The institute is located in Dresden and currently employs about 288 people. This also includes trainees, interns and research assistants.

Worth knowing

The work is based on the core competencies of electron beam technology, pulse magnetron sputtering and plasma-activated high-rate deposition. These core competencies are constantly being further developed and made usable in innovative fields of work. The fields of activity include vacuum coating and surface processing and treatment with electrons and plasmas. In addition to the development of coating systems, products and technologies, an important focus is the upscaling of technologies for the coating and treatment of large areas with high productivity.