COMET Plasma Control Technologies (PCT) is a leading expert in radio frequency power supply and a global innovation partner for industries requiring radio frequency.


Comet PCT is part of the Comet Group, a world-leading Swiss technology company that has been developing and producing innovative high-tech components and systems based on radio frequency and X-ray technology for over 70 years. The PCT division comprises seven global sites, which, in addition to Switzerland (headquarters) and Germany, are located in the semiconductor industry hotspots of Silicon Valley and Asia.

Worth knowing

Comet PCT manufactures specialized components needed for precise control of plasma processes and to enhance the performance of manufacturing equipment. These are used in the production of memory chips or touch screens, such as those used today in sensors, smartphones or tablets. Other areas of application include the solar industry, broadcasting, but also laser or medical applications such as MRI equipment.

Offered are

  • Impedance matching networks
  • High frequency generators
  • Vacuum capacitors