The IP4Plasma project aims to bridge the gap between IPR protected laboratory-scale innovations in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma assisted chemical vapour deposition (AP-PA-CVD) technology and its industrial implementation for advanced surface treatment and nano-scale coating of materials. This will be done by demonstrating the suitability of the technology for existing and new industrial applications in the medical products and diagnostics sector.

A mobile pilot scale plasma treatment system will be designed and built for this purpose based on existing experience and IPR protected know-how, and subsequently validated in end user production facilities. In the project, the manufacturers of atmospheric pressure plasma equipment and the end users of the technology will work together with research organisations and experts in technology innovation to overcome the barriers to commercial application of a unique IPR portfolio.

This will create new business opportunities with large market potential for the industrial partners involved (mainly SMEs), and thus strengthen their global competitiveness.

IP4Plasma e-learning portal is online now: moodle.ip4plasma.eu, Available Courses: Modul 1: Basic facts on the fourtch state of matter and its technical use. Modul 2: Atmospheric pressure plasma surface processes -facts and aspects interesting for manager.
Projektlogo: IP4Plasma