Our working groups

What happens in our working groups?

:: exchange on special topics

:: processing the topic

:: open discussions
:: project initiation and project design

What are the benefits for members?

:: cooparation of working groups

:: introduce own topics and tasks

:: contacts with competent partners 
:: project design
:: information

Who can paricipate in the working groups?

:: all INPLAS-members and partners

:: guests who have interest to be a member (2 meetings for free)

How can I sign up?

:: Registrations to the working group meetings: office of INPLAS e.V.

:: you can download the registration form here 



:: Plasma surface technology is already the key to many innovative products. The applications range from high-tech products such as flat panel displays, Blu-ray discs and heat protection glass to everyday items like chip bags and adhesive tape.


:: Only different technologies enable us to overcome unsolved problems. Technological progress forms the base for new and more powerful applications.


:: Multiple technologies are synergised in working groups and further developed to ensure the technology advancement. The WG's are regularly updated »New plasma sources and processes«»Tool Coatings« and »Plasma4Life«