WG »tool coatings«


Highly stressed tools such as drills, chamfers and cutting inserts often bear up the demands of the manufacturing process of work pieces and semi-finished products by a combination of an adequate base material and a specific coating. These include e.g. titanium based hard coatings such as TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, Al2O3 and diamond coatings.

The working group "WG tool coatings" deals with the development of these systems and the exploitation of new fields of application, an example being new industrial cutting technologies. Currently rapid tests before chipping, standardisation of the coating characterisation and new markets for those coatings are discussed.


Implementation of projects

Plasma technology in the manufacturing chain, Big Data, Digitalisation, Smart Coatings

Process chain tool producation

tools & heat treatment | cleaning & pretreatment | plasma diffusive treatment | thin films coating for wear protection and tribological optimisation


chip removal | industrial cutters |forming tool

development- & project valuation | project proposal

Working Group Manager


Hanno Paschke | DOC, Fraunhofer IST