With plasma surface technology to new products

Plasma - i. e. ionized gas - is the most important instrument for the production of high-quality thin coatings today and therefore the key for innovative surfaces for new products. Especially in the field of plasma surface technology a rapid growth is noticed since more than 25 years. The areas of application vary from coating of metallic surfaces, coating of glass to the precipitation multifunctional coating systems on plastics.

Therefore the applications are getting more and more demanding whilst the simplifications of the process cycle are essential to produce the products cheap simultaneously. Plasma surface technologies are used for essential process steps in a wide range of sectors.


Without Plasma neither the high-pressure direct injection at Diesel engines nor the nanostructuring of Biochips may be possible.

A connection and packaging of separate actions becomes more and more important to set, keep and develop a good position in the world market of the German players of the plasma surface technology.


The Network of Competence of Industrial Plasma Surface Technology e.V. (INPLAS) offers the possibility, to show the importance and potentials of the plasma technology in German.