It's not possible to imagine modern manufacturing without plasma surface technology. Higher quality- and production requirements as well as new materials require high performance tools and constant development of high performance surfaces for machining. By means of surface treatment and coating life times of cutting and forming tools increases, deposits can be avoided and auto-lubrication effects are obtained.

To this range of topics the INPLAS working group »tool coatings« was created. The attendees determine tasks, which are worked on at the Community level. In addition to cite some examples:

  • Standardization, guidelines, standards
  • Implementation of restrictions by law Tests of workability of new work piece materials
  • Screening of the tool- /coating performance
  • Evaluation of new coating technologies and / or measuring methods
  • Interlaboratory tests e.g. to the measurement of coating thickness and / or -adhesion
  • Tutorials for machine cutting and / or coating bases, analytic procedures
  • Marketing research

The Kick-off-meeting was on march 26th 2009 in Berlin.


For further questions please contact:

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