Antiadhesive coatings on 2D and 3D substrates


Replacement of classical fluorine containing coatings as well as release agents and Teflon spray solutions
Total solutions are necessary - combination of surface structure and coatings 

Generation of functions such as Easy-to-clean, also for the realisation of short cleaning cycles


Investigation of different surface structures, treatments and coatings for non-stick properties
Evaluation of process chains e.g. embossing, printing, structuring in combination with functionalisation and coating processes at atmospheric and low pressure



Development of possible process chains for demonstrator production, determination of material parameters, pretreatment and subsequent processes, suitable coating processes, characterization of surfaces


Project duration:                                ca. 12 months

Contribution per partner:                   9.000 € plus VAT.




Scientific partner: Fraunhofer IST



Contact:  Dr. Jochen Borris | INPLAS e.V. | T: +49 531 21 55 666 |