Comet Plasma Control Technologies (PCT) is a leading expert in RF power delivery and a global innovation partner of RF related businesses.

Comet PCT is part of the Comet group, a global technology leader based in Switzerland. Since almost 70 years we are developing and manufacturing innovative high-tech components and systems on the basis of RF power and X-ray technology. The PCT division comprises five global sites, which can be found in Switzerland (headquarters), Germany, and at the semiconductor hotspots in Silicon Valley, China and Korea.

Comet PCT produces critical subsystems which are required for the precise control of plasma processes. They help to increase the performance of the manufacturing equipment used for the production of microchips or touch screens used in sensors, smartphones or tablets. Other areas of application are the solar industry, broadcasting but also laser or medical applications as MRI equipment.  


We offer

  • Impedance matching networks
  • RF generators
  • Vacuum capacitors