CEPLANT was established in 2010 at Department of Physical Electronic, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

The founder and the director of the CEPLANT is Prof. Mirko Černák who is also the Head of the Department of Physical Electronics. For more than 50 years of a lasting tradition of applied plasma physics research at the Department of Physical Electronics, which resulted in several innovations successfully transferred into the industry, the project plan is to launch highly focused applied research of plasma sources and plasma processing development that is strategically targeted at industrial end-users.



CEPLANT research team is made up of 30 researchers, technicians and 15 doctoral students, which their primary focus is on applied research of atmospheric cold plasma, application in technologies of material processing, deposition of hard and protective thin layers or plasma diagnostics and simulation.


CEPLANT also offer services for the industry and universities for complex analyses of surfaces and materials.