Parliamentary Evening

Plasma technology is omnipresent, but its role is not recognized yet. So that much of its potential is underachieved. Thereby plasma is used for many innovative technical developments, e.g. to accelerate the wound healing or for heat insulation of glass. Therefore public echo is very important. Especially the exchange with politics is crucial, because it can clear the way for a successful future of the German Plasma Surface Technology that got a worldwide top position.

An important step in this direction was done on 18th March 2009. INPLAS invited representatives from the politics and economy to the Parliamentary Evening “Potentials of the Plasma Technology” in the Spree-Palais in Berlin to deliver insight into the tool plasma. Next to introductory speeches also the award-winning movie showed the unexplored possibilities of plasma.

There has also been prominent support. Edelgard Bulmahn, Member of the Bundestag and exminister, Chairman of the Economic Affairs and Technology Committee underlined the importance of the necessary progress and clarified the already today biggest successes, which are lying especially in the field of architecture coating and automotive engineering.

The accompanying exhibition showed some fields of application of plasma technology like optics & glass - environment, solar, energy - IT & electronic, multimedia – packing & foil – medicine & LifeScience – tools – mobility. So the companies and research institutes had the possibility to present themselves, their products and fields of application and the representatives from the politics could get an impression of the theme.

Plasma is used for many products to achieve a better quality, so that it is geared to its requirements. The degree of its field of application is far from exhausted. Already known future potentials are lying in the medicine, environment and energy technologies, for that the technical advancement is necessary.