Joint Expert Panel Combined Surface Technologies

The numerous tasks of surface technology need different methods - partly they also require the combination of different processes and types of coatings in order to get a special surface quality that is of use for fields like decorative coatings, new basic materials or multifunction.


The Joint Expert Panel "Combined Surface Technology", which was founded together between the alliances DFO, DGO, EFDS and INPLAS is working on combined coatings from the fields electroplating, painting technology and plasma technology. It brings together these several segments so that the combination of these methods of the thin film and thick film technology can advance the surface technology. Greater targets of the Joint Expert Panel are bundling of potencies, advance of the clout as well as increase of the political acceptance. Your contact is Dr Petra Uhlmann at the Leibniz-IPF or the INPLAS office (organizational responsibility).



Leader of the Joint Expert Panel:


Dr Petra Uhlmann

Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V.

Hohe Str. 6 | 01069 Dresden | Germany

phone: +49 (351) 4658-236