Interpane is a European group of companies that engages in the production and processing of flat glass. 

The main factory is situated in Lauenfoerde/Weserbergland. The Interpane group today consists of eleven producing factories at ten headquarters in Germany, Austria and France. 

Besides the French Seingbouse produces float glass, the portfolio includes first-class coated insulation glass, noise control and sunscreen insulated glass, security glass, as well as all-glass doors and equipments.


The coating processes and with it the basic production capacity are realized through plasma-based sputtering deposition processes. The appropriately about 100 meters long and 4 meters thick cycle coating constructions are completely designed, conceived and commissioned by the Interpane development and advisory association. The "E&B" in Lauenförde is the research and development centre of the company and is also available for external market partners in the clarification of application-technological challenges.