Designers and constructors more and more settle for varying scopes for design with glass. The pellucid expanse of a building is getting bigger due to aesthetic and energy gaining reasons. Neutrality of colour paired with highly efficient attributes for heat insulation is being asked for in the decision making. The new glass generation has to comply with multifunctional employments. To make the grade, with our SILVERSTAR products we offer a multiplicity of speculative application with simultaneously highest transparency, colour neutrality and heat-insulting attributes.


As a rough substance glass is sensitive to external or mechanical effects. Hence, the aspect of safety is vitally important. Thereby two functions come to the fore: passive safety, protection from injury through broken glass and glass daggers. Active safety, protection from riddle, break-in, burst or aperture. Although the guaranteed safety is very extensive, it is never absolute and therefore said to be an inhibition of injury, riddle and slugs. Eurolamex as safety glass of Euroglas gives you this protection.