COTEC develops, produces and sells materials, processes and systems for the interface modification through nano technologies. Our departments contain PVD-vapour deposition materials, easy-to-clean coatings with DuralonUltraTec, vaporization sources, sputter targets, filaments and coils for the metallization and HCS coating units. Typically for COTEC is the business areas spectacle optics, precision optics or optics of sports as well as automotives and plastics industry. By means of plasma treatment the attributes of wettability or adhesion and abrasion are improved. Pretreatment and cleaning processes are actualized.


Our philosophy is to be a world-wide active, independent, German company in the most diverse markets with high technology „made in Germany". In close collaboration with our partners and furnishers we use our global network and our own research and development to constantly improve our quality standard and hence to always prepare the best solutions for our clients.