Help in using this website


Please use the following links to find several guides that help you using this website.

Each guide also is available as PDF-file that can be downloaded for free at the end of the section. If you have any further questions, please contact the INPLAS office.


(To open PDF-files, you need software like the Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here).


1. Log into the login area

2. Design your appearance

3. Organise data files

4. Send internal mails



1. Log into the login area


Please click on the symbol Login which can be found in the navigation bar below. By clicking you will enter the login area.



You may now enter your username and password. Please mind the case sensitivity. Through this you will reach the members area, in which you can arrange and edit your page as well as up- and download files.

After having entered your correct data, please click on the button Login.

If you have forgotten your access information, we may send it to your current mail address. In this case please click on Benutzername Passwort vergessen? and follow the instructions.



After successfully having logged in you are now in the administrative centre for members. At the upper margin there is a navigation bar with the items "Start, Jobs, FAQ, Contact, Downloads, My Account, Deutsch, Sitemap and Logout". As long as you are logged in this will constantly be the same and you will get back to this homepage at every time by clicking on My Account. If you want to log out, please click on the menu item Logout.



  Log into the login area.pdf
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2. Organise data files

It is also possible to make data files available to other members. These can easily download the files from the download area.


Click on the button Alle INPLAS-Mitglieder („All INPLAS members") in the box Dateiverwaltung ("file management").


(The added data file will be visible for all members. If you want to provide the data file to a specific group, click on the according group in the box Dateiverwaltung ("file management").)


Now you are in the upload area. Here you can put in your files. For attaching a new folder click on the left red symbol. If you just want to add a file into an existing folder, click on the symbol aside. Keep the mouse courser above the symbol for getting additional information concerning the particular button.


If you attached a folder or want to upload new files in an existing folder, click on the according folder. Now click on the button Neue Datei hochladen ("upload new file") beside the button Neue Ordner anlegen ("attach new folder").


For uploading the favored file, click on Durchsuchen ("search"). File in a description or comment concerning the uploaded file, if desired. Afterwards click on ÜBERNEHMEN ("accept"). Now the file can be downloaded by the other members. According to requirements you can add new folders and files.

  Organise data files.pdf
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With the following paragraphs we would like to help you getting started with Besides the versatile information offer, the website provides special features for members, sponsors and premium-sponsors. Get a first impression here.


You can find the presentation of your organization under the main menu "Members". At the very top of the screen you can choose the language for the whole site - including the presentation of your organization.


You can find the list of workgroups and their contact persons in the main menu "The network", sub-navigation "Workgroups". To exchange files within your workgroups you have to log in and use the filemanager (see next article).

Login and exchange of files

You will find your personal log-in at the very top of the page. After logging in files of those groups you are a personal member of are available in the "filemanager" you will see on the left. Navigate through folders and subfolders to find and download certain files or upload documents by yourself as needed.

From within your personal account you can send e-mails to workgroup leaders, a whole group or all INPLAS members. Simply choose the requested recipient or group of people within the sub item "E-mail to members". If required you can even add attachments.


If you do not have your own log-in account as an INPLAS member yet, please approach the INPLAS office. Simply send an e-mail with your personal contact data and your request to get an account to