Objectives and services

Objectives of the network

The Network of Competence of Industrial Plasma Surface Technology is an association which combines industry and research with the intention to forward the development of industrial plasma surface technology.


INPLAS consider itself as a spokesman and negotiator for politics, public relations and lobbying activities.

Gaining the competitive variety and reputation of the members, as well as national and international, is one particular point of this.


Our goal: to maintain and advance the leading position of German companies and institutions in the area of industrial surface technology by

  • Collective strategic actions
  • Packaging of the single-actions of each member, especially in the areas industry and research
  • Pushing of the Know-How-Process and buildup of knowledge, to make this available for the members in particular
  • Watching trends and main aspects of research, specifically to offer sponsorships
  • Give impulses and arrange projects i.e. on EU-level
  • Supporting experience- and knowledge exchange in field of study

Services for members

  • Support application and development of plasma surface technologies
  • Provide latest information and findings of leading experts
  • Coordination and cooperation in project teams and expert panels
  • Assist in research project conception and design
  • Internet-Community
  • Joint PR and marketing activities
  • Forum for the exchange of members' competencies
  • Organization and management of professional events, especially concerning further education