“PLASMA Germany” was found 1983 as joint panel of meanwhile nine holders. Task of the panel is to fund academic and technical cooperation of scientists, engineers and technicians from research and industry on the field of plasma based surface technologies. In June 2007 INPLAS joined as supporting holder for PLASMA Germany. A collaboration takes place on the platform of the study groups and committee of experts.


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As the initiative „Kompetenznetze Deutschland" (Networks of Competence Germany) the French government launched in 2005 the initiative „Les pôle de competitivité" in France. There is a close partnership between INPLAS and the leading network of competence in France in the field of mechanical engineering, ViaMéca in Saint Étienne since 2009.


In a bilateral cooperation plan, cooperative apprenticeships and advanced trainings of students and experts, bilateral workshops, a continuous exchange relating to project ideas as well as the shared appearance on exhibitions and conferences were set.


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The east Bavarian technology-transfer-institute e.V. (OTTI) supports statutably the economy by transfer of science. Elements of knowledge transfer are conferences, symposia and seminars as well as consulting, training, individual information and further qualification directly at the companies. Since 2008 OTTI and INPLAS are in a strategic partnership trough that the range of notoriety of both companies should be risen.


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Sheffield Hallam University

The annual „International Conference on High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS)" is organised by INPLAS, the Sheffield Hallam University and the Fraunhofer IST since 2010.


Current developments of Sputter - technology under utilization of high - ionized plasmas are processed on this conference. The conference takes place in Sheffield (UK) and Braunschweig in turn.


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The European Joint Committee on Plasma and Ion Surface Engineering - EJC/PISE is a group of elected European experts being active in the field of plasma and ion surface engineering. The selection of members takes into account the need to achieve geographic and technical balance across Europe.


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