Application fields

The network competencies in detail

Plasma surface technology is employed in many different applications. Lots of products would not be possible without plasma technology. Heat protective coatings for example help to save energy and to stick to energy regulations. Inner coatings of plastic PET bottles prevent carbon acid from being lost through the polymer wall of the bottle - so the water remains sparkling.

INPLAS not only concentrates on competences in these areas but also contributes to develop competences - i.e. by communication and cooperation of the actors.

Therefore experts of the INPLAS member-organisations have meetings in workgroups constantly to deal with the present problems of technology. Competent partners for cooperation on the base of a projects are found rapidly.

As a result the solutions of the different tasks should be provided for the members who can integrate them at a specific point in the value added chain.


The circle of network shows the different fields of applications of the plasma surface technology along all levels of the value added chain. The numbers in the red circles show the number of members that act in this area.


Please click on the red numbers to get to know more about the INPLAS-members in this area.