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SOLAYER enables advances in 3D sensor technology

Solayer achieves technical breakthrough in the development of high-performance optical filters (hydrogenated amorphous silicon) for 3D acquisition.
The company innovates...
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New INPLAS project format

Fast joint projects with INPLAS

The INPLAS joint projects offer an uncomplicated access to topics, technologies and/or fields of application. With little effort...

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Plasma Technology

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INPLAS - Strategy Meeting 2019

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Users test their materials with INPLAS members

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Networking with the BioEconomy Cluster

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Plasma Technology 4.0 - Digitalization and Big Data

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INPLAS General Assembly and AG Meeting at Miele

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Plasma Technology 4.0 - Digitalization and Big Data

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Plasma technology is the topic of the Lower Saxony Life Science Day 2018

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Continuation of research collaboration between SERIS and FHR

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Plasma Technology meets Industry 4.0