KMU-innovativ: Medical technology

Guideline for the promotion of grants for “KMU-innovativ: Medizintechnik” (Innovative SMEs: Medical Technology)

Federal Gazette from 19.09.2018


Subject of the promotion

Funding is provided for high-risk industrial research and pre-competitive development projects with a strong connection to healthcare and applications in the form of individual company projects (individual projects) or cooperation projects between companies, research institutions and clinical partners (collaborative projects) to develop new products and processes for healthcare.

These research and development projects must be assigned to medical technology and be of significance for the company’s positioning in the market. The main objective of BMBF funding is to strengthen the position of SMEs by accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology from the pre-competitive field to the practical day-to-day care of the healthcare industry.

More information

In the first stage of the process, project outlines must be submitted to the project management organization in electronic form by April 15 or October 15 of each year.

Further information can be found in the BMBF announcement.