CemeCon AG

CemeCon is one of the most successful companies in the field of high-performance coating of cutting tools and components and offers a comprehensive range of services. With its extremely successful PVD sputter technology products (HiPIMS powernitrides, supernitrides and hard and superhard materials) and the CVD diamond coatings of the CCDia® series, CemeCon is a pioneer and trailblazer in modern coating technology. For more than 25 years, CemeCon has been offering its customers the PVD sputtering process with its hard, smooth and adhesion-resistant coating solutions as the basis for continuous performance improvements of precision tools.


At the Würselen site, CemeCon operates one of the largest coating centers in the world (170 employees) and is also represented by company and production sites in the USA, China and the Czech Republic. A total of approximately 250 employees are active worldwide. 40 CC800®/9 coating lines are the heart of the coating technology at the Würselen site. From there, together with a center in the Czech Republic, CemeCon supplies the European market with innovative coating solutions. As the market leader in the high-performance coating of cutting tools with CVD diamond coatings, CemeCon has been producing diamond coatings deposited using the CVD process since the end of the 1980s and operates the largest diamond coating center in the world at its Würselen site.

Worth knowing

he technical adaptation of substrate, geometry and coating to the machining application results in high-performance coatings for precision tools and components using the most advanced manufacturing technology.