Guideline for the promotion of projects within the framework of the materials platform Hybrid Materials - New Possibilities, New Market Potentials (HyMat)

Federal Gazette from 06.11.2017


Subject of the funding programme

The funding is intended for research and development expenditures within the framework of industry-led pre-competitive collaborative projects addressing the topic “Hybrid Materials – New Possibilities, New Market Potentials (HyMat)”.

In hybrid materials, materials of different material classes are combined to form a new material system in such a way that the advantages of all components complement each other and/or new properties become possible.

In der Werkstoffplattform HyMat werden ausschließlich solche Hybridmaterialien betrachtet, die bereits einen gewissen technologischen Reifegrad (Technology Readiness Level, TRL1) erreicht haben und deren breites Anwendungspotenzial bereits nachgewiesen ist.

More information

In the future, calls for project outlines will be made via notices of change yet to be published in the Federal Gazette. Information about upcoming calls, deadlines and topics is available directly on the BMBF website (BMBF), the website of the project management organization (ptj) and at Topic-specific calls on hybrid materials are planned.

This Funding Guideline shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the Federal Gazette and shall be valid until the end of December 15, 2027.

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