CCR Technology is a supplier of inductively coupled RF-Plasma Source for advanced thin film coatings and surface treatments. We serve the supply chain of system manufacturers and research groups in the markets optics, solar, wear & decorative and R&D. Applications and target industries include plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition "PECVD" of silicon, carbon, oxides and nitrides for absorber and passivation layer, for optical filter stacks as well as for hard protective and decorative coatings. The business of CCR is based on the COPRA® Plasma Technology, a sophisticated inductively coupled plasma excitation which is superior to conventional plasma excitation due to its power efficiency, scalability and its reliability.

As a front-end component manufacturer we understand that our customers are the door to the market and to our own success. Being reliable, efficient and trust-full are therefore the key attributes of CCRs philosophy and we are always aiming to long term relationships by following the variable needs of our customers. CCR Technology does not only offer the COPRA hardware, we share also a large pool of know-how to support our customer finding the final goal in processing the COPRA Plasma Technology.

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