In July 2009, the Plasmawerk GmbH was founded to accelerate the transformation of innovations in the field of surface pretreatment into marketable technologies. Experts and innovators of cutting-edge corona technology are offered a place to meet. Personal relationships with the upper echelon of research institutes ensure a high standard of research and development. In addition, a constant dialog with market drivers allows for maximum customer proximity when developing technical equipment and workflow solutions.

The Plasmawerk Company can provide experts to design, plan and manage any kind of corona and/or plasma system project. The machinery is built by established and well-known machine construction contractors such as the Hartmann Elektrotechnik GmbH, a company with a long-standing reputation as an excellent supplier of corona and plasma systems. Adherence to delivery dates, reliability and a certified quality standard are the hallmarks of our partners.

Plasmawerk Hamburg in Bildern